Exciting News About Xenia!

On Sunday, March 10, 2019, the Apex Elders shared the following exciting news.

After much prayer and conversation, the elders of Region 2 of Apex Community Church, in full agreement and with the support of the Kettering elders, have concluded that we will work toward establishing Apex Xenia as  our own church family.

The elders of Region 2 and the elders of Apex Kettering did not make this decision lightly, and we understand there will be feelings from the congregation on both sides of the fence. There have been many discussions over the last several years about whether and how Apex Xenia should continue under the guidance and direction of Apex Kettering. The decision to hire a preaching team lead fully serving the brothers and sisters of Apex Xenia, the results of the Xenia Year-End Survey survey regarding Apex Xenia’s future, and the commitment and enthusiasm of the Apex Xenia family of believers to leave “home,” so to speak, and begin life as an independent healthy body following Jesus and serving our communities have helped make clear the Lord’s direction about this move.

The Region 2 elders are currently working with the Kettering elders to develop a transition plan from an Apex regional gathering to an independent family of believers. This will involve becoming fully self-supporting financially. We currently need to increase our giving by approximately 60-80K to reach this goal.

The Xenia elders have a positive, helpful, loving relationship with our brothers and sisters in Kettering, and we will continue that. This move for Apex Xenia is like a child who has become  an adult and ready to live on their own. We will continue to be in relationship with Apex Kettering, just like healthy families remain in relationship with each other even after the children have left home and formed their own families. Both Kettering and Xenia are committed to seeking the optimal way to have a loving and collaborative relationship that furthers kingdom growth, and Kettering is eager to see how Apex Xenia continues to be a force for making disciples across the greater Xenia and Springfield areas!

We will be sharing more information about the steps in this transition, so be looking for updates. And of course, if you have any questions, please reach out to the Apex Xenia elders by email - Clem Boyd (clem.boyd@apexcommunity.org), Jay Buinicky (jay.buinicky@apexcommunity.org), and Jay Jackson (jay.jackson@apexcommunity.org) – or in person. We’re very excited about how the Lord will lead us in the months and years to come, and we pray that you will be too.

For His glory,

Clem, Jay, and Jay