Frequently Asked Questions

As you may have heard, we were excited to announce that the Apex Elders felt lead by the Lord to begin to work to transition Apex Xenia from a regional gathering to an independent, self-sustaining, church-family.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the transition.

Why did the elders make the decision for Apex Xenia to become independent?

The primary answer is rooted in our mission to make and multiply disciples. God desires for the local church to grow and reproduce itself. We believe this step will further our mission by freeing Apex Xenia to take full ownership of its mission, vision, strategy, and resources. It allows the ministry to be fully contextualized for the sake of the gospel. It allows the leadership to set the agenda and the pace of ministry that best addresses the needs of the body and its gospel work.

The decision was not made because of any difference in ministry philosophy, values or theology. Apex Xenia continues to hold to the same sound doctrine and the house church model of ministry where a loving family of believers are living on mission together for the sake of the gospel.

What needs to happen for this to become official?

There are a lot of details to work through and goals to achieve before we can officially become an independent church. Here are some of the major things that must happen.

  • Our financial giving needs to increase in order to be sustainable. 

    Year-to-date Giving = $63,882.93 (as of 3/31/19); First Quarter Budget Goal = $79,000

  • We need to determine what are the increased costs associated with being an independent church such as health insurance, etc.

  • We need to create separate financial books.

  • Tasks that were handled by network staff need to be transitioned over to Apex Xenia staff and volunteers. Here is an exhaustive list of tasks. If you'd like to help please email Jay Jackson.

  • We need to decide what we will call this new church.

  • We need to file formal paperwork with the state to create articles of incorporation.

  • We need to file for state and federal tax exemption.

  • We need to create bylaws according to the laws of the state of Ohio.

How long will this take?

It’s hard to say. Most of these details can be accomplished by the end of the year. The biggest unknown factor is how quickly we can become financially sustainable. The elders have prayerfully set a goal to achieve independence by the end of 2019.

What will happen to house churches that have people that attend Kettering?

The current Region 2 house churches would be asked to decide which church body they will officially align with so the elders know which house churches they are serving and providing oversight. Though your house church may officially align itself with either Xenia or Kettering, members within your house church may continue to attend whichever location they wish. We are all a part of the body of Christ.

How will this change what happens at each location?

It’s unlikely you will notice much, if any, change initially. As we proceed we hope this change will allow each location to be more specific and intentional in a way that serves its context. We also anticipate that it will bring more simplicity and free up some resources for Apex Kettering. The primary changes will likely be seen at Apex Xenia. We expect to see increased ownership of the mission and vision which will challenge members to steward their gifts and resources more fully for the kingdom of God. In the end, we pray it furthers the mission of making and multiplying disciples.

Will we continue to partner with Apex Kettering?

God desires unity within the diversity of the body of Christ. We will continue to explore ways in which we can collaborate and partner together for the sake of the gospel. It is the desire of the elders from both locations to be intentional in our efforts to have a healthy, interdependent relationship that fosters kingdom growth. Therefore, in the days ahead the elders will form a team that will explore what this relationship might look like.

Will the two locations ever share preaching staff?

This certainly could be an option from time to time. The staff and elders will need to think through what is most beneficial for the health of the body and what is most strategic for gospel advancement.