The Apex Network

Apex is a network of community churches that meet together all throughout The Greater Dayton Area. We love Jesus and desire to make Him the reason for everything we do.  Our network is made of five regions that are designated to empower more people to serve in ministry and to focus attention on specific areas in which they live. Each of our five regions are made up of several house churches. 


The house church movement provides opportunities for believers to speak God’s truth into one another’s lives. As believers, we become His ambassadors of love and service in the network of contacts which God has placed us each in. In two of our five regions we have what we call gatherings.

Each weekend we meet collectively at one of our two gathering locations, one in Xenia (located in Region 2) and another in Kettering (located in Region 3). This is were we come together as one family to be encouraged through gathered worship, biblical teaching, communication of local and global mission oppertunities, and family ministry.

Apex Xenia Gathering

In October of 2011 God birthed a new regional Gathering of House Churches in the city of Xenia in Region 2 of the Apex Network. We call this Gathering location Apex Xenia.  The vision for this new Gathering was to create a “hot spot” for the gospel; to “tabernacle among them” as Jesus did.  Jesus Incarnate came into our world to redeem and fully restore his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  We are His ambassadors who extend His kingdom to every heart, family and community in Region 2.

Two Gathering Locations

We have two gathering locations. One is located in Xenia and one in Kettering.