"Branches for Recovery" is an outreach that utilizes the house churches in the Dayton Area to provide community and connection for those in recovery in the Dayton Area. Several individuals have been connected with treatment, two have come to know the Lord, and several continue to have meaningful relationships with Apexers as the result of this ministry, and the ways that Apex has sought to commune with the recovery community. "Branches for Recovery" members have already had their first quarterly support meeting, in which we gather and give praise for what God has done, support those in recovery and encourage future outreach.

To get involved, contact casey.steckling@apexcommunity.org

Equipping for the Crisis Resources

This past September was National Recovery Month, and while the opioid crisis continues in the city of Dayton, there is hope. Our Branches Recovery Ministry, headed by Apexer Casey Steckling, hosted an "Equipping for the Crisis" training in which he trained house churches on how to minister to those living in addiction and or on the road to recovery. Below are the audio files from each training. If you would like more information or have questions, please email, casey.steckling@apexcommunity.org

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