We do this by connecting with families in meaningful ways through events and opportunities to get together, grow as a family, and go ‘on mission’ locally or around the world.

With Parent-Child Dedication, Believer’s Baptism, and grade related events we recognize spiritual milestones and key life moments for families, realizing that children are a gift to not only families, but also the Church as a whole.

We share Biblical truth through age-appropriate ministry during Gatherings and engaging in discipleship opportunities in weekly classes and personal relationships.

We also make parenting resources available to our homes and house churches to assist families in presenting Christ to their children.  We desire for our parents to be the primary disciplers in their homes and strive to support and equip them for this incredible opportunity.

Upcoming FM Events

Family Ministry Resources 

We consistently share God’s Word at our weekend Gatherings, letting children know that they are a gift from God, loved by our staff and have value because they are created in the image of God.

We strive to teach them their need for a personal relationship with King Jesus and that they are just as important to God as adults (Mark 10:13-16). Included in the gathering experience is praise and worship, large group Bible lesson and small group discipleship focusing on prayer, the needs of others, and practical applications of the lesson.

We also believe that our children are a genuine gift to the larger body of Christ and provide opportunities for them to engage in the adult Gathering on a regular basis.  

Infants and toddlers through age three meet in the last two rooms at the end of the hall in the main building. Children age four through the fifth grade meet in the Kids Modular most Sundays.  Parents can first stop by the Check-in Modular to get their child registered, meet some of our volunteers, and gain information about classroom locations.

For Questions about our Kids Ministry, contact xeniafm@apexcommunity.org

We love serving and supporting our families and their middle and high school students. We realize the transition from childhood to adolescence is a unique time in each of our family’s spiritual journeys.


It is our pleasure to provide a team of creative leaders and committed disciplers who will encourage these students to embrace and apply faith in Christ.  We strive to live as a family of brothers and sisters who love God and others well.

We joyfully point students grades 6 through 12 toward authentic Christian maturity through biblical teaching, service projects, local and foreign mission opportunities and the pursuit of Christ-centered relationships.

Our middle school students meet in the student modular every Sunday, except the first Sunday of each month when they join the larger Gathering. Currently they are studying the book of Philippians. They start each Sunday in the main Gathering and then head over to the student modular after the first worship set. 

Our high school students meet every other Sunday at the Clark's home in Xenia for Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds is a time for students to dig into key topics such as suffering, relationships, world religions on their own and then come together to discuss and debate what they are learning through their study of Scripture. Check out the Event Page for more info.

For Questions about our Kids Ministry, contact xeniastudents@apexcommunity.org

We are glad that you are interested in what it could look like to care for children in crisis.

We recommend that you use this page as a way to learn from the experiences of others who are already engaged in this issue. While the resources below are not exhaustive, they do help shed some light on ways to get involved in various phases of helping with the orphan crisis. The page is broken down into four main ways of engagement:

• Prevent • Provide • Partner • Parent

Check out each one and see where you might see yourself getting involved. If you have more questions, please contact our Family Ministry at xeniafamily@apexcommunity.org


As the community of God, we have a Spirit in us that leads us to help and care for those in need. The main thrust of orphan prevention is to help families stay together by providing care and equipping them to overcome the desperate situations and cultures they live in.

This can be done by providing childcare for a single parent so they can work or get education in order to sustain their family.  This can be done by basic hygiene education, skill-training, or micro-grants for upstart businesses. This can also be done by fighting against the sex-trade that leads to many parentless children every year. There are many ways to get involved in orphan prevention! Here are a few options...

  • Your very own community - Do you know a single parent? You can guarantee that they need help in any number of ways: babysitting while they go to work or school, automotive repair/upkeep so they’re able to travel to work or school, help with home projects, etc. Just pay attention and see how you can help.

  • Safe Families - https://www.facebook.com/SafeFamiliesGreaterDayton - Safe Families for Children is a national movement that seeks to come alongside struggling families so they are able to stay together. Somewhat like church-based foster care, Safe Families provides temporary host-homes for children while the parents work to stabilize their environment and continue caring for their own children. But host-homes are not the only thing Safe Families aims to provide - their goal is to surround both the birth-family and the host-family with a network of support. 

  • TENT - http://tentindia.org - India is an area where desperation is driven by poverty and joblessness. TENT’s goal is to provide training and education so individuals are able to earn for themselves, support their families, and share the gospel.

We know that there are many other ways to get involved in “orphan prevention”, but hopefully now you have a few good options for a starting point.

Want to talk more about this? Email prevent@apexcommunity.org


James 1:27 tells us that “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress...”

Every child comes with great needs. In a single parent or parentless home, providing for basic necessities can be very difficult, and at times impossible. These needs include food, shelter, clothing, education, medication, etc. Here are a few options to get you started in providing for the fatherless...

  • Dayton Family Tree - https://www.daytonfamilytree.org/ - Locally, we have many families interested in starting the journey of becoming foster or adoptive parents, but sometimes they are hung up by the things they need to have in order to welcome children into their home. Dayton Family Tree hopes to remove barriers by educating believers about fostering & adopting, connecting them to like-minded people, and providing necessary items so they can welcome children into their home. 

Sponsoring is a great way to start. By a small donation each month, you can help provide food, clothing, and education to children in need from many parts of the world. Here are few child-sponsoring organizations that we love:

Each year, Apex also facilitates many trips to visit orphans and see their needs firsthand. For information about upcoming orphan-care trips within Apex, email going@apexcommunity.org. Here are few of the ministries that we’ve partnered with:

Each week in Apex Kettering’s Missions Cafe, there are different ministries represented and, often, the proceeds from the cafe are going to these orphan-care ministries listed above. Next time you’re at an Apex Kettering gathering, grab a cup of coffee or a bagel and make a donation to impact the lives of orphans around the world.

If you would like to talk more about providing for the needs of the fatherless, email provide@apexcommunity.org


Isaiah 1:17 tells the people of God to “take up the cause of the fatherless.”

One of the biggest needs that every child will have is the urgency to have adults come alongside them to instill basic values, beliefs, and understandings - to show them a Godly example. Whether orphan, single parent, or at risk, these children often have a deficiency of biblical love and grace. Plain and simple, they need mentors. There are many organizations that help match adults with kids in a mentoring relationship and Apex has developed great relationships with a couple of them.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters – www.bbbsgmv.org - Big Brothers Big Sisters helps children facing adversity realize their potential and build for their future by developing character, confidence and a genuine friendship with a dedicated and caring mentor (“Big”).  By spending quality and consistent one-on-one time and simply having fun with their “Big,” these children (“Littles”) can change the trajectory of their lives by learning to improve academically, avoid risky behaviors and establish positive relationships.  Do you have a few hours a month to invest in a “Little”?

  • Victory Project - www.victoryproject.org - Through mentoring relationships aimed at education, entrepreneurship, and enlightenment, the Victory Project impacts the court-involved and disadvantaged boys of Dayton. They help these young men break dependencies on criminal or social systems that enable destructive lifestyles. You can get involved by tutoring, mentoring, serving meals, and helping with special events.

  • Kids Hope USA - www.kidshopeusa.org - Kids Hope USA is a platform through which mentors get the opportunity to spend time each week with a student at a partner school in Dayton. Mentors with Kids Hope USA will be matched up with one student for an entire school year for one hour weekly. Be a person that helps a student as they navigate life throughout the school year. 

There are other ways to get into mentoring relationships in your community as well. Many foster parents and single parent families are looking for someone to come alongside them and invest in their children. Do you know a single parent or a foster parent? Ask them how you can help! Are there kids in your neighborhood that spend a significant amount of time without any adult influence? Bridge a relationship with their family and see if God opens a door for you to get involved.  It may sound simplistic, but just take a look around...children and teens in need of mentors are everywhere.   

If you have questions about partnering with the fatherless, we would be happy to help get you connect and come alongside you. To get started, please email partner@apexcommunity.org


Psalm 68:6 speaks of the adoptive nature of God by saying “Father to the fatherless... God places the lonely in families.”

For the follower of Christ, we have experienced the greatest of all adoptions and through adoption, foster, and respite care, we have the opportunity to show children the great grace that was shown to us. Next to their need for Jesus, a child has no greater need than the need for a parent. Orphans face many obstacles that simply would not be there if they had parents and advocates fighting for them. Parenting orphans and foster children is not easy. It will take hard work, patience, persistence, and great love. But it IS worth it.

Here are a few resources to get you started as you think about adoption and foster care:

Local adoption & foster care:

Domestic & International adoption:

If you have any other questions, please email us at parent@apexcommunity.org and we would be glad to help.  

Domestic & International adoption:

We know that the journey to adoption and foster care is not a small one.

If you have any other questions, please email us at parent@apexcommunity.org and we would be glad to help.  

People who are coming alongside children from hard places often have unique questions, needs, victories, and struggles.

First Thursday Care Group:

On the first Thursday of each month, we invite any current or potential foster or adoptive parents to come and be part of a care group aimed at connecting them with others who are facing the same things they are.

If that's you, join us at Apex Kettering. Dinner is provided in the Missions Cafe around 5:45pm and the care group starts up around 6:15pm in room 255. Childcare provided as well. 

Questions? Email fosteradoption@apexcommunity.org