House Church 'DNA'.

Apex is not just a place to go to on the weekends. We are a family of house churches! Each house church is engrained with the "DNA" that enables relationships to be formed with God, one another and our neighbors.

D is for Dynamic Truth
Teaching one another, through the Word and Spirit, the dynamic truth of scripture and challenging one another to be accountable and obedient to becoming more like Christ.

N is for Nurturing Relationships
Building strong, dependent relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ through close, personal accountability, prayer, and the many “one another” expressions of community mentioned in the New Testament.

A is for Apostolic Mission
Encouraging one another to live outwardly (together and as individuals), obeying the commands of Scripture and the prompting of the Spirit, to share the gospel and do good works to advance the kingdom of God.

Families on Mission

House church is where we share life together on mission. These Christ-centered communities allow us to reach our neighbors to see God's Kingdom on display in tangible and everyday ways. 

Each house church has its own team of shepherds that facilitates the group. We view Jesus as the head pastor of all of the house churches in the Apex family. House churches are geographically based, unlike many small groups that are based on demographics or shared interests. Members in house churches are encouraged to explore their gifting and talents for the good of the body and not-yet-believers.

A house church will have a mix of all ages, diverse groups of people representative of the area in which they live. This allows us to pour into one generation to another and to create the diversity necessary to reach the community around us.

Many house churches engage in ministry in their neighborhood. For example, one house church organizes a monthly traveling food pantry for their neighbors in poverty. House churches are expressions of the church, just at a smaller scale so together we can engage in authentic Christ-centered community in a way that allows our neighbors to see God's Kingdom on display in tangible and everyday ways. 

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House Church Regions

The house church movement provides opportunities for believers to speak God’s truth into one another’s lives. As believers, we become His ambassadors of love and service in the network of contacts which God has placed us each in. We have broken our house church network down into five regions. No matter where you live, there is a house church near you!


Regions are designated to empower more people to serve in ministry and to focus attention on specific areas in which members live. Our vision is to encourage people to “own” their communities and to claim them for the Lord.

Connect to a House Church

We would love to help you get connected! If you would like to be a part of a house church, we have multiple opportunities, all around the area, meeting on different days and times. We will help you find one that works for you.


At Apex, we define and explain membership through these three acts of faith and commitment: profession of faith, baptized as a believer, and being a part of a house church. We would love to talk with you more about any of these areas.

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