Mark 1:40-45; 5:21-43

How do you understand the holiness of God?

Can you identify with the leper? In what ways has sin numbed your senses to the holiness of God?

Can you identify with this woman?  In what ways has sin bled you dry?

Can you identify with this girl?  In what ways has sin made you dead to the life of God?

What do you need to repent of?  And what truth do you need to turn too?

Mark 1:21-39

Application Questions:

What is your perfect Sunday?

How do you feel about this mission of multiplication? 

What is your part in helping us take the Gospel to places in our area that aren't being reached? 

What lies regarding property or programs are you going to have to let go of in order to embrace God’s purpose? 

What fears do you have regarding the change that this means for your house church?

Be Responsible: Reconciliation Pt. 2

Application Questions:

1. Are we a church that goes into the world or are we a church that stays hoping the world will come to us?

2. If you have a broken relationship, what has God done in your heart this past week toward that person?

3. How does your life accurately or in-accurately reflect who your king is? 

4. Who are the people that you don’t want to see invited to the party?

5. Who is God sending you to?