Exodus 16:1-21

Application Questions:

  • What is a unsatisfied desire in your life right now?

  • How might God be using that to point you toward an eternal desire?

  • How has God used lean times to draw you closer to him?

  • What do you have in excess that you can give to others?

  • The Israelites journey was marked by attitudes of forgetfulness and ingratitude for God’s provision, what is your journey marked by?

Morning of worship

We gathered together to worship God in song and celebrate Him. As a result, there is no recorded sermon to download. Here is a list of the songs we sang together: Rising Sun, Suffering Servant, What God Has Promised, Lamb of God, Build My Life, What a Beautiful Name, Do It Again, Death Was Arrested, Alive, and Holy/Wedding Day.

Good Friday: Rich, Young, Ruler Monologue

Tonight’s Good Friday Address is a monologue based on the narratives of a man known simply as the “Rich Young Ruler” found in Matthew 19:16-22, Mark 10:17,22, and Luke 18:18-23.

A man who came to Jesus seeking justification for the life he was living in hopes that his own goodness would guarantee his place in the Kingdom of Heaven.  

The answer he received from Jesus was not what he expected and he walked away sorrowful leaving the readers of his story wondering what happened to him.

This monologue postulates what might have happened had he witnessed the crucifixion.

What would have happened if he encountered God’s definition of Good?